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The Palestine problem has been the cause of unrest for the entire Muslim world. The people and government of Pakistan continue with their support and have always acknowledged the right of the Palestinian people. Pakistan has always spoken strongly in favor of the Arab cause in the United Nations, the Security Council and at all other international forums such as NAM etc.

At all OIC meetings Pakistan has stressed for the protection of the rights and interests of the Palestinian people and has always pressed for a just and honorable solution of the problem. Pakistan has always demanded that Israel should vacate the occupied Arab territories and should stop its expansionist designs. Also Israel should stop the killing of innocent Palestinian people. During the Second OIC summit Conference at Lahore in 1974, the Israeli attitude was strongly condemned. It was demanded that Israel should withdraw from occupied Arab territories and the former status of Jerusalem should be restored. Pakistan recognizes the PLO as the true representative of the Palestinian people. Pakistan does not recognize the state of Israel and has never shown any intention to develop diplomatic relations with that-state. Pakistan has been supporting Palestinian cause. Pakistan has not recognised Israel. Ever since the emergence of Israel state in 1948, Pakistan has opposed the unjust and unfair policy of western powers that arranged and supported the settlement of Jews from all parts of the world or unlawfully occupied Arab lands. Pakistan has raised on the forum of OIC for the rights of Palestinian people and withdrawal of Israeli forces from the occupied territories.