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Studio Pedagogy as a Method in Textile and Textile Design Education

The purpose of this study is to find and describe pedagogical elements of the studio practices at the Department of Textile, Clothing, and Textile, at Pakistan Institute of Textile and Fashion Design. The focus is on renewed textile design education, especially on the weave studio practices. Another aim is to examine the pedagogical views behind the main findings. The studio pedagogy is theoretically approached by R. Keith Sawyer‟s (2018) research and the studio model, which is a cultural model of teaching and learning at the schools of art and design. Another theoretical frame is conducted from the field of materiality and the theory of embodied cognition, which can explain the importance of material explorations. The studio pedagogy has indicated to have remarkable benefits in design education by mastering creativity, and it could offer potential ideas extended to other school levels as well. In the present study, I also summon an overview of the requirements needed from the operational unit, as offering studio pedagogy needs special arrangements. The ethnographic data is collected from the semi-structured theme interviews of the five professionals, deeply involved in design pedagogy at the department. In addition, two short observation phases were conducted at the weaving studio and at the fabric print studio. The qualitative content analysis is done as theory and data-driven analysis.